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Click here to take a look at our Quilts. We have a wide array of handmade quilts, some are hand stitched while others are machine stitched, all with their own "one of a kind" design and attention to detail. Each is handmade in the Endless Mountains of North Eastern Pennsylvania.

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Curious about Nan's Quilts? Find out more about Nan in the About Us section of our site. We talk about Nan's love of quilting and the skill she has making handmade quilts from many kinds of material. Every quilt is handmade, some are handstitched and others are machine stitched.

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Visit our contact form to let us know what you think about our quality handmade quilts. If you find any problems on the website please let us know. We can also entertain a request from you for us to create your  very own custom quilt.

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